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DCMA: Member Benefits
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The Doctors Company

The nation’s largest medical malpractice insurer. The Doctors Company has been fiercely committed to relentlessly defending, protecting, and rewarding physicians for more than 35 years. With a national membership of 73,000 and $4 billion in assets, we have the strength and stability to protect physicians now and in the future. Visit or call Shelly Hakes at (800) 741-3742. Extension 3294.s, call (800) 741-3742. Extension 3294.

Patient Referral Service

The DCMA receives hundreds of telephone calls from individuals seeking physicians. The staff provides referrals only to DCMA members.

DCMA Political Action Committee

DCMA/PAC interviews candidates for legislative office and helps elect pro-medicine and pro-patient candidates.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance offered by Comp Options (formerly OptaComp) and marketed through Danna-Gracey. Participating members are eligible for up to 30% return on insurance premium. Annual dividends have been as high as $12,000 and can actually pay for DCMA dues. Contact Tom Murphy at 1-800-966-2120 or Bill Gompers at 305-775-1960 or your insurance agent today.

Key Contact Physician Program

DCMA assigns one or more physicians to each legislator in Miami-Dade County in an effort to forge a relationship with them. This allows a continued dialogue with legislators year round.

We Care Program

In a unique partnership with the Miami-Dade County Health Department DCMA physicians volunteer hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care by treating those without insurance. Contact the Miami Dade County Health Department at (786) 336-1280 to volunteer.

Continuing Medical Education

Members can enjoy free or discounted continuing medical education seminars. Members also enjoy a yearly CME seminar including the mandatory seminars needed for license renewal.

Representation in the Legislature

DCMA and DCMA/PAC join with the FMA to effectively lobby the legislature and offer testimony before legislators on issues including managed care, licensing and regulations, medical liability reform, health care access, cost containment, and other health care topics.

Legislative and Regulatory Updates

Working with the FMA, DCMA provides member physicians with up-to-date information on legislative and regulatory issues concerning doctors via broadcast faxes and emails.

Physician Information Services

The Association is pleased to answer the numerous inquiries from the public about member physician's education backgrounds, board certifications and fellowship training. A wide variety of other patient questions are answered on a daily basis. The office also assists with questions from members' office personnel.


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Contact Information: Carol Whitaker (850) 228-8593 or

Work with Florida Medical Association and American Medical Association

The DCMA works closely with the FMA, AMA and specialty societies on local, state and national issues. DCMA members serve on committees of these associations.

Medical Defense Solutions

We are Medical Defense Solutions, providing an alternative to physicians who find themselves in a position of going "bare". Our services include access to some of Florida's best medical malpractice attorneys, discounts of up to 50% with pre-negotiated, hourly legal fees, access to discounted claims management, referral to a panel of financial planners and education on Florida's requirements for going bare. We want to help you plan a strategy that won't leave you out there with no protection. We assist physicians when insurance can't. Contact : Tom Murphy tom@defendmd.comTelephone : 1-800-601-8979 Bill Gompers bill@dannagracey.com305-775-1960


DCMA works to keep you informed via our award winning monthly publication - Miami Medicine, broadcast faxes and emails.


DocBookMD provides physicians on the go an exclusive HIPAA-complianprofessional network to communicate, collaborate and coordinate with their colleagues. DocBookMD gives you ... • Fast, secure messaging • Vital patient information right in your hand • Fast look up of your DCMA colleagues ... and much more! Contact: Kim Ducy Tel. 1-214-293-7993 E-mail: kim@docbookmd.comWebsite:

Directory and Website

The DCMA, in partnership with The Miami Herald publishes a South Florida Guide to Good Health and Directory of DCMA member physicians. The DCMA website, offers information to patients and physicians.

Disability Insurance

Protect your most important asset – your ability to earn income. Members of the DCMA are offered three different types of disability coverage’s: Individual Disability, Business Overhead, and Group. Please contact Jeff D. Hackmeier at (305) 893-4488 for more information.


The DCMA hosts three annual events: Doctors' Day awards ceremony to honor physicians, The Annual Banquet and Installation in June and members also enjoy a yearly CME seminar including the mandatory seminars needed for license renewal. These three events are great opportunities for physicians to meet and network with fellow doctors and others in the medical community.

Announcement Service

At a discounted member rate, the DCMA will announce in Miami Medicine any classified advertisement to your colleagues. This includes any address changes, spaces for rent or physicians looking for hire. Call the DCMA office for more information at 305-324-8717.