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Law on Opioids
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Patient Impact from Florida’s New Law on Opioids

Know Your Rights and Be Proactive

Effective July 1, 2018


Why is my prescription limited to 3 days?

New Florida Law limits opioid prescriptions for acute pain to a 3 – day supply.  Only under special circumstances can the prescription be increased to a 7 – day supply.

What is Acute Pain?

"Acute pain" is the normal, predicted, physiological, and time-limited response to an adverse chemical, thermal, or mechanical stimulus associated with surgery, trauma, or acute illness. It does not include pain related to cancer, terminal conditions, pain treated with palliative care, or traumatic injuries with an Injury Severity Score of 9 or greater.

Is the 3-day supply a hard cap on the amount I can receive for my acute pain?

No.  But collection of a new prescription may create a significant hardship for you and your caregivers.  Patients are encouraged to have a plan in advance if possible. 

Why is my physician checking my drug history?

New Florida Law mandates physicians to consult the patient’s drug history prior to writing any prescription for any Scheduled Drug. 

Make sure you bring valid ID to the pharmacy?

Before dispensing an opioid the pharmacist must require the person purchasing or receiving the drug to present valid photo identification.Before dispensing an opioid drug to a person the pharmacist does not know, the pharmacist must require the person purchasing, receiving, or otherwise acquiring the drug to present valid photographic identification or other verification of his or her identity.  If you don’t have a valid ID, the pharmacist may verify validity with the prescribing physician or his/her agent. 

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For questions, or if you have any trouble accessing legitimate pain medications, please contact the Florida Department of Health at or 850-245-4444