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Miami Medicine

Miami Medicine is the quarterly journal of the Dade County Medical Association (DCMA).

The publication includes articles of scientific interest that reflect the unique patient population of Florida, as well as legislative updates, member news, and information on upcoming DCMA events. The aim of Miami Medicine is to serve as a valuable source for medical news in Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas.

Free CME For Members:

Miami Medicine provides free continuing medical education opportunities for DCMA members. To read the latest articles and earn CME credit, click here.

Submitting to Miami Medicine:

We are accepting articles for consideration for upcoming issues of Miami Medicine! Please carefully read our Author Guidelines and then click here when you're ready to submit your article. The CME paperwork included in the packet is only applicable if your article is selected as a CME.

DCMA membership is not a requirement for publication, but preference is given to members.

Miami Medicine Publication Process:

Each article submitted to Miami Medicine undergoes an editing and peer review process before being accepted or denied publication. All articles are peer reviewed to ensure they meet the Miami Medicine Author Guidelines. Articles are expected to follow standard medical journal outline and structure and should have appropriate citations from valid and reputable medical journals or resources.

Each article is proofed by Miami Medicine’s Managing Editor before being sent to members of the Editorial Board for peer review. The majority of submissions to Miami Medicine come from the South Florida region, but the journal also considers submissions from across the state. Miami Medicine includes articles on a variety of topics affecting the unique population of Florida.

Peer Review & the Editorial Board:

Each article is reviewed by a minimum of two peer reviewers. Peer reviewers are given up to three weeks to review assigned articles and submit their comments, questions, and edits to the Managing Editor.

Along with reviewing for scientific accuracy and formatting, peer reviewers also evaluate potential conflicts of interest.

Once both assigned peer reviewers have submitted their comments to the Managing Editor, the edits and any requested revisions are combined onto the manuscript and sent back to the author(s) for revision. All revision requests will come from the Miami Medicine Managing Editor and will include a deadline.

If an author(s) successfully revises the manuscript to the Editorial Board’s standards and addresses all potential questions and comments, the revised version of the article is sent to the Miami Medicine Editor-in-Chief for final approval. Once approval is received, the article is ready for publication. The Editor-in-Chief may have additional requests and, if so, the article is sent back to the authors with a new deadline.

The peer review, revision, and publication process can take up to six months. If an author(s) has questions about the peer review process, they can reach out to the Managing Editor by email. Authors accepted for publication in Miami Medicine may not submit their article to any other journal without the express permission of the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief.

The Miami Medicine Editorial Board is currently made up of five physicians: Antonio Mesa, D.O (Editor-in-Chief), Edison Castro, D.O., Enrique Fernandez, M.D., Pedro Tort., M.D., Stephen Vernon, M.D. To learn more about our Editorial Board members, click here.

Advertising in Miami Medicine:

Circulated to physicians and medical professionals across Miami-Dade, as well as around the state of Florida, Miami Medicine creates an effective forum for marketing your product and services, or sharing an educational medical event.

Each issue is mailed, placed online, and sent through the DCMA member E-newsletter, tripling the exposure.

Interested in advertising in our next issue? View our Media Kit here and contact Kristy Williford, Managing Editor, by clicking here.

Miami Medicine Archives

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Summer 2020 PDF (4.7 MB) Administration 8/3/2020
Spring 2020 PDF (6 MB) Administration 5/14/2020
Winter 2020 PDF (4.41 MB) Administration 2/20/2020
November 2019 PDF (5.38 MB) Administration 12/17/2019
August 2019 PDF (4.87 MB) Administration 10/24/2019
June 2019 PDF (4.75 MB) Administration 9/10/2020
May 2019 PDF (4.91 MB) Administration 5/15/2019
April 2019 PDF (5.8 MB) Administration 5/14/2019
March 2019 PDF (4.55 MB) Administration 3/13/2019
February 2019 PDF (3.44 MB) Administration 2/4/2019
January 2019 PDF (1.61 MB) Administration 1/16/2019
December 2018 PDF (2.21 MB) Administration 12/19/2018
November 2018 PDF (4.42 MB) Administration 10/29/2018
October 2018.pdf PDF (4.11 MB) Administration 10/4/2018
September 2018.pdf PDF (3.51 MB) Administration 10/4/2018
August 2018.pdf PDF (3.77 MB) Administration 10/4/2018
July 2018.pdf PDF (7.66 MB) Administration 10/4/2018
June 2018.pdf PDF (4.78 MB) Administration 7/3/2018
May 2018.pdf PDF (4.12 MB) Administration 7/3/2018
April 2018.pdf PDF (4.47 MB) Administration 7/3/2018
March 2018.pdf PDF (3.65 MB) Administration 7/3/2018
February 2018.pdf PDF (3.17 MB) Administration 7/3/2018
January 2018.pdf PDF (3.2 MB) Administration 7/3/2018